Grand Lodge Master Builder,Craftsman, and Pillar Award Program

Master Builder

The Master Builders Award was developed by the Grand Lodge to recognize newly made Masons who have worked diligently to engage in the activities of their Lodge, their District, and the Fraternity as a whole.

Mater Builder Award

Master Craftsman

The Master Craftsman award is aimed at members of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania who has been Master Masons for more than one year. The program consists of educational and volunteer requirements that will help both the Lodge and the Brother grow.

Mater Builder Craftsman Award

Master Pillar

In order to stimulate more interest and encourage members to advance within the fraternity, the Grand Lodge has established a new program designed to be completed by any Master Mason who has been a Past Master of their respective lodge.

Master Pillar Award

Grand Lodge Information

More information can be obtained from the PA Grand Lodge site

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