District 3 Happenings in 2018

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Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Today, there are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons represent virtually every occupation and profession, yet within the Fraternity, all meet as equals. If you are looking for more information about our great fraternity, please visit the website of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

2018 Gettysburg Low-Vale Gun Raffle

Gun Raffle – Isaac Haines Flint-Lock Rifle We will have a raffle for an Isaac Haines Flint Lock Rifle. Raffle tickets are only $10 each! This raffle will go off directly after the 2018 Gettysburg low-Vale on September 26, 2018. Replica of a Isaac Haines Lancaster County gunsmith from 1772 to 1790 Traditional Curly Maple Stock  Pre-Carved and Barrel Inlet by Jack’s Mountain Stock Company Brother Mark Weader Lodge No. 619 38 Swamped 50 Caliber Bobby Hoyt Barrel Brother Sam Sheaffer Union Lodge No. 324 Gun Builder Fraternal Order. UPDATE: Please be sure to bring your ticket to the Low-Vale … Continue reading