Message from the DDGM

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Masonic District 3 web site. From the District 3 IT Administrator: In light of the recent malware infestation on our sites, I have taken some drastic measures in order to keep us safe. Even though these changes to management have changed on my side, it is incumbent on all of the Lodge webmasters to be MUCH more proactive in management duties. This last malware infestation was caused by some of our domains not being protected or updated. These hackers are smart and will find even the tiniest little crack in our security and then we are … Continue reading

Gettysburg Low-Vale Gun Raffle


Freemasons Tribute Edition .22 Caliber lever Action Rifle Unique To America’s Most Enduring Fraternal Order We will be holding a raffle for the following rifle at the Gettysburg low-Vale on September 21,2016 (see District 3 Event: Gettysburg Low-Vale for more details) This is a special custom rifle specifically designed for the Master Mason. Details about this rifle can be found at Freemasons Tribute Edition Unique To America’s Most Enduring Fraternal Order. Images of the rifle are as follows:  

Gettysburg National Military Park – Low Vale


Gettysburg Lodge of Low Vale: September 21 2016 Place: Gettysburg National Military Park Cost: $30 per attendee Attendance requirement: Attire – Business Casual Master Mason only with Valid Dues card Dues card MUST be presented prior to admission All attendees must pass basic Tyler’s test prior to admission Registration and Payment MUST be completed in advance NO PAYMENTS OR REGISTRATION will be taken at the event! There is a STRICT attendance cap due to space and parking restrictions No entry without a valid Admission Ticket (supplied at time of registration) NO Alcohol will be permitted Smoking is allowed in designated areas Time: … Continue reading